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'The tale of Imerion' is a fantasy strategy game taking place in the magical world of Unauen, where medieval technology and powerful magic are commonplace. Select one of the four races, which battle each other: Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Orcs. All have a different character with their own units, buildings, heroes and special abilities. Each race starts with his capital city and a hero, the leader of his race. The goal of the game is to rule over the other races by defeating their leaders. To reach this goal you need to explore the map, expand your empire by building new cities, enhance your cities with buildings and train units. The gameplay varies according to how you play: Rush the enemy with a mightly army thatīs commanded by your best hero or kill him slowly by expanding your empire and laying siege to his cities with catapults, cannons and magic spells.

Imerion takes the difficulty out of the complex strategy game - simple to understand and with a streamlined interface that is easy to use. A new realistic combat system simulates the advantages and disadvantages of close combat, range attack and magic and the combination of them in an unseen way, so that the key to win lies not only in the strenght but also in the tactical combination of your units.

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